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Meet the Heart of Paragon Mechanical: Our Team, Your Experts.


The Paragon Mechanical team is a dedicated and experienced group of professionals who are committed to providing exceptional HVAC solutions. With a wealth of expertise, a customer-centric approach, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, our team ensures that our clients' needs are met with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We take pride in delivering innovative, reliable, and tailored HVAC services, building lasting relationships with our clients, and exceeding their expectations at every turn.

Field Staff

Dan Webber Dan Webber

Service Foreman

Dan Webber

Troy Wilson Troy Wilson

Site Foreman

Troy Wilson

Pascal Berube Pascal Berube

Site Foreman

Pascal Berube

Tim Hartigan Tim Hartigan

HVAC Technician

Tim Hartigan

Laurie Breitkreuz Laurie Breitkreuz

HVAC Technician

Laurie Breitkreuz

Grant Blom Grant Blom

HVAC Technician

Grant Blom

Brandon Bichel Brandon Bichel

HVAC Technician

Brandon Bichel

Nathan Sperber Nathan Sperber

HVAC Technician

Nathan Sperber

Justin Murray Justin Murray

HVAC Technician

Justin Murray

David Labreche David Labreche

HVAC Technician

David Labreche

Chad Stefura Chad Stefura

HVAC Technician

Chad Stefura

Bryan Friesen Bryan Friesen

HVAC Technician

Bryan Friesen

Parker Miller Parker Miller

HVAC Technician

Parker Miller

Matthew Angelopoulos Matthew Angelopoulos

HVAC Technician

Matthew Angelopoulos

Morgan Lambert Morgan Lambert

Sheet Metal Journeyman

Morgan Lambert

David Chevalier David Chevalier

HSE Manager

David Chevalier

Corey Larsen Corey Larsen

HVAC Technician

Corey Larsen

Simon Walters Simon Walters

HVAC Technician

Simon Walters

Jackson Poulin Jackson Poulin


Jackson Poulin

Breyan Elias Breyan Elias


Breyan Elias

Nolan Adamson Nolan Adamson

Master Electrician

Nolan Adamson

Peter Overmars Peter Overmars

Lead Electrician

Peter Overmars

Brody Mason Brody Mason

Lead Electrician

Brody Mason